Mon + Tues (Nov. 21+22)

Class PPT:

Do Now:
Remove schools you are no longer “thinking about” or “applying to” from naviance
  • Class Playlists will be ready to go after Thanksgiving.
  • Remember protocol when guests are present!
  • Changing how frequently we do greeter: Student(s) will be the greeter for the week instead of just the day.
  • Students must sit in seats assigned to them. There should not be switching seats AT ALL.
  • DO NOT register for orientation or pay any housing deposits.
  • Be sure to check spam email for important information from colleges.

Independent Time:
  • At a level 0, take time to write a 3 thank you letters to anyone special in your life
    • This can be a teacher, parent, friend, mentor, etc.

Think, Pair, Share:
  • What are you are three things you are thankful for? (ex. people, things)
  • In what ways do you show that you are thankful for someone or something?
  • What are some of your Thanksgiving Day plans?
  • Share a cultural or family tradition practice currently or in the past that you and your family does during Thanksgiving?
  • What will you do with all of your gifts, talents, and blessings?