Mon+Tues (8/31+9/1)
In-Class Work

  • Do Now: Write about something fun you did over the summer. Write about one thing you did to become more college-ready for your senior year.
  • Class Expectations
  • (Write/Pair/Share) What does RESPECT mean to you? What does OWNERSHIP/INVESTMENT mean to you? Why are these important for Collegiate Seminar?
  • College Counselor Intros: Mr. Allen rallen@noblenetwork.org
  • Onboard to Google Classroom
    • Class Code
      • A1—n3fwfl (the letter “L”)
      • A2—m5i96b
      • A8—2a1vh9 (the number “one”)

      • B1—luhpfu (the letter “L”)
      • B3—uz9m82
      • B8—6n9juf1 (the number “one”)
  • Uploading Tutorial: Upload “Summer College List” to Google Classroom
(Due: Friday, 8am)
  • Homework:
    • Upload “Summer College List” on Google Classroom (Due: Friday, 8am)
    • Bring in SSN, 2014 Tax Return (Due: Next Wednesday, Sept. 9)

Wednesday (9/2) – Community Service Day!!!
Thurs + Fri (9/3+4)
In-Class Work

  • “Summer College List” to be uploaded on Google Classroom by 8am Friday!!!
  • Do Now: Talk about something you are EXCITED & ANXIOUS about the College Application Process.
  • Naviance Tutorial: Login/Create account
      • “About Me” tab: check for correct Muchin email, birthdate, college counselor
  • Collegiate Seminar Tracker: Click on College Tracker Link in your Muchin email, make a copy, and name it…
      • Lastname_first_collegetracker Ex. Chen_michael_collegetracker
      • Add Naviance Username + Password to Tracker
  • Overview of the Process:
Personal Statements / Essays
College lists
Common App
Application Deadlines (4)
Match. Reach. Safety.
College visits
Scholarship applications
RD, Rolling Admission
Acceptance Letters
Financial aid packages—award letters
More scholarships
Preparing for Freshman year in college
  • Upcoming Important Dates:

9/9 University of Chicago Writing Workshop (PMA)
9/17+18- Personal Statement topic & 1st paragraph deadline
(Meet with your Adviser during advisory or before/after school to figure this out!)
9/19 (Saturday)- Initial FAFSA Workshop (9:30-1:00pm) - MANDATORY
9/24+25- Personal Statement body paragraphs deadline
9/30+10/1- Personal Statement rough draft deadline (<650)
10/7+8- Signatures for College Apps 1+2 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)
10/14+15- College App Deadline #1 (2 apps) *Focus on your EA/ED if applying early
10/16- Personal Statement Final draft deadline (Revision Day; 1-4pm)
10/28+29- Signatures for College Apps 3-5 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)
11/4+5- College Application Deadline #2 (3 apps)
11/16+17- Signatures for College Apps 6-8 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)
11/23+24- College Application Deadline #3 (3 apps)
12/3+4- Signatures for College Apps 9-10 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)
12/11- Final College App Deadline (2 apps)—LaSalle every day until you turn in all Applications!!!
1/9 (Saturday)- FAFSA Submission Deadline – MANDATORY WORKSHOP

  • (Write/Pair/Share) What are 2 things you’re going to do in this class to ensure you are invested?
  • Bring in SSN, 2014 Tax Return (Due: Next Wednesday, Sept. 9)