Mon+Tues (8/29+30)
In-Class Work
Do Now: Pick-up NACAC Fee Waiver, Sign, and turn in.
Write down something exciting you did over the summer and something you did to be more college-ready for your senior year. Lastly, write down something unique about you—a fun fact. If you finish early, meditate.
Wednesday (8/31) – TESTING = College Visit Day

Thurs + Fri (9/1+2)
In-Class Work
Google Classroom PPT:
“Syllabus Signature Page” & “Personal Statement” to be uploaded on Google Classroom by 8am Friday!!!
Do Now: Pick up Transcript and check for mistakes, pencil in any corrections needed and turn in.
  • Exercise: Personal Statement Intro
  • Student Survey
  • Independent time to work on Personal Statements
  • Deadlines for Posse, Questbridge and Chicago Scholars
    • Upload ‘Syllabus Signature Page’ on Google Classroom (Due: Friday, 1:00pm)

    • Upload “Personal Statement” on Google Classroom (Due: Friday, 1:00pm)
    • Posse—students look for emailed interview times from Posse & Mr. Farrand
    • Questbridge—Applications Due September 27th
    • Chicago Scholars—Applications Due September 30th
    • Workshop for QB & Chicago Scholars’ essays on Tuesday, September 20th
      • These students should be staying after school and coming in during lunch periods to ensure these essays have been looked at and are well-written!
    • Senior Parent Meeting: Pre FAFSA
      • When? Tuesday, September 13th from 6:30-8:00pm in the MPR
      • Who? MANDATORY for Parents & Scholars
      • Topics? New FAFSA Information (FSA ID) / College Application Process / Personal Statements & Essays / College Lists / Early Applications / Loans / Scholarships
    • FAFSA Submission Workshop
      • When? Saturday, October 8th from 10:00-1:00pm
      • Who? MANDATORY for Parents & Scholars
      • Purpose: To submit the FAFSA with the help of FAFSA professionals from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission organization. Both Parent & Student need to have created an FSA ID before this date.
    • Upcoming October ACT Test
      • When? October 22nd
      • Registration? No later than September 16th
      • Fee Waiver? If you have not used all your fee waiver, be sure to see Ms. Morgan.

8/25-9/12-Posse First Interview(check in with your advisees. A calendar invite will be sent out where someone on the college team will grab student from classroom to give them time to change and walk to the interview and still be at least 10 minutes early.)9/1+2- Personal Statement uploaded to Google Classroom 9/8+9-Revised Body Paragraphs uploaded to Google Classroom9/10-September ACT Test Date* 9/13 (Tues)- Senior Parent Meeting: Pre-FAFSA Workshop (6:30-8pm) – MANDATORY*9/15+16-
Personal Statement Deadline,uploaded to Google Classroom (500-650 words)
Registration Deadline for October ACT (Late fee Sept. 17-30th)
Questbridge/Chicago ScholarsWORK DAYin Rm 702 (until 6pm)
Questbridge Deadline (Advisors nominate their nominated advisees)
Chicago Scholars Deadline (Application Due)
Final Draft Personal Statement Deadline (“Green-lighted” by advisor)
(Meet with your Adviser during advisory or before/after school to figure this out!)10/1-
Deadline for Early Decision & Early Action decisions to your Counselor
Advisor/Teacher LORs due to Chicago Scholars
Create FAFSA FSA ID (Apply for your FSA ID at by this date. Parent and student each need a separate FSA ID)
*10/3+4- Signatures for College Apps 1+ 2 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)

10/8 (Saturday)- FAFSA Submission Workshop – MANDATORY*
College App Deadline #1 (2 apps) Update applied schools on Naviance from “Colleges I’m Thinking About” to “Colleges I’m Applying To”) *Any students who are applying Early Action/Early Decision need to submit these apps first!*
October ACT Test Date
Institutional Scholarships (2) Due (with essays)
*10/24+25- Signatures for College Apps 3-5 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)10/25-
Chicago Scholars Forum
College Application Deadline #2 (5 applications total)
FAFSA Issues??? When in the FAFSA, click “Help”, “Contact us”, and you can online chat with a FAFSA Professional. You can also receive information via the Federal Call Center toll free at 800-433-3243.
Registration Deadline for December ACT (Late fee Nov. 5-18th)
*11/14+15- Signatures for College Apps 6-8 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)11/17+18-
College Application Deadline #3 (8 applications total)Update applied schools on Naviance from “Colleges I’m Thinking About” to “Colleges I’m Applying To”—this is worth 25pts.
*12/8+9- Signatures for College Apps 9-10 (signature of Parent, Adviser, Counselor)12/10-
December ACT Date
12/12 (Mon)-
Final College App Deadline (10 applications total!!!)—LaSalle every day until you turn in all Applications!!!*COLLEGE CHECK* (ensure all schools have received all docs needed—call & email each college you applied to)
College Campus Visits (2) Due(fill out worksheet on wiki)
Registration Deadline for February ACT (Late Fee Jan. 14-20th)
Institutional Scholarships** (2) Due (4 total)